Anyone arriving in Lytham this weekend would have been forgiven for thinking they had stepped into a bygone era as 1940s fever hit the town.

Lytham played host to the largest Wartime Festival in the North West of England and over 40,000 people were expected to visit the event on Lytham Green, alongside the iconic Windmill.

Lytham 1940s Festival 2015 Spitfire

Military and vintage vehicles were displayed along the Green before parading through the streets of Lytham. As a tribute to those who patrolled the skies over Britain, replica planes from the RAF and Luftwaffe also made up the display alongside the more modern Vietnam Veteran helicopters, displaying their battle scars from their time serving in the US Military.

Lytham 1940s Festival 2015 military jeep
Encampments of Allied and Axis forces were also on display throughout the weekend teaching about life for those at home and on the Front Line during WWII, through displays of weapons and equipment, together with Battle re-enactments.

Lytham 1940s Festival 2015 boy holding an army gun

Homefront wartime land girls at Lytham 1940s Festival
For those left on the Home Front there were many stalls to browse offering selections of 1940s memorabilia, fashion, uniforms and accessories. Or for those who wished to take life at a more leisurely pace, Rations and Refreshments were available to enjoy whilst watching a brilliant line up of 1940s entertainers.

Stockings and wartime vintage clothing at the Lytham 1940s Festival
Park View 4U Playing Fields held a weekend of events with newsreels, photos and memories of children who were evacuated from Manchester and London to Lytham. The ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign was also highlighted with tales of how the park was turned into allotments during the war.

Lytham 1940s Festival 2015 wartime artifacts

If a day submerged in the 1940s was not enough for you, then the evenings held plenty of opportunity for you to dance your cares away at Lowther Pavilion Theatre with ‘Hits from the Blitz’ and the 1940s dance where the Bluebird Big Band provided music from the Golden Age of Swing.

Wartime songs music night at Lowther Pavilion for the Lytham 1940s Festival 2015
If you were unfortunate to miss out on this one, make sure you don’t miss the 2016 Wartime Festival. Look out for details here later in the year!

Thinking of visiting the 2016 Lytham 1940s Festival?  We’re literally ‘down the road’ from the festival. Contact us for rates and availability.