Merlewood was proud to be one of the first holiday apartments in the area to offer our guests free Wi-Fi.   Originally this was aimed at our longer term winter contractors who required this provision for work.   However, Wi-Fi access has become a permanent part of all our daily lives, especially with the demands for social media.   Delivering a good quality Wi-Fi experience has become increasingly challenging.

wifi house

The beauty of a lovely Victorian villa like Merlewood is that it was built by Victorian craftsmen who took pride in creating a beautiful building that would last for centuries to come.   Unfortunately, when they crafted their 18 inch thick, solid walls they did not have the future demand for internet provision in mind.  As a result, some of the apartments have experienced a patchy signal or one limited to certain rooms within the apartment.

poor wifi

We are pleased to announce that, with the help of some local tech support, we have run Ethernet cables throughout the house and placed internet access points in each of the apartments, ensuring a much better and more comprehensive experience for everyone.


So for all you social media buffs, next time you check in at Merlewood, look for the new login procedure in your apartment.  Tell us how you LIKE the change and SHARE your holiday experiences at Merlewood with your friends!