As a child, I can remember approaching the Fylde Coast along the new M55 and my Uncle Harry pointing to a small break in the clouds and saying, “See that patch of blue sky? That’s St. Annes so we must be nearly there.”

It was an annual treat for him to come from Leigh and spend a summer break with us at our home in St. Annes. Each year we would be sat in the back of the car together and I groan inwardly, as children do when they hear the same old tale from an elderly relative. But it was true… invariably there was a little blue patch of sky and having driven through dull, damp weather we would arrive home to a bright, sunny sky.

Locals from the Fylde Coast have often said that this area has its own little micro-climate and that we should produce our own weather forecast. St. Annes can have vastly different weather from just a few miles further along the coastline or inland. You can often see a dramatic change in the cloud line.

majestic hotel

I was reminded of these comments by my Uncle Harry recently, when I came across a 1920 brochure for the Majestic Hotel in St. Annes, demolished in 1975. It too recognises the special climate St. Annes has to offer:

Majestic booklet

“There is something magic in the brine-laden sun-dried air of St. Annes-on-the-Sea that accounts for its unique growth amongst modern watering places. Situated almost at sea level and set in sand that harbours no foot-damping puddles or pools, it possesses a wonderfully equable climate which suits all – probably being due, as the Americans would say, to the clouds being attracted and ‘rain-scraped’ by the high hills that are just sufficiently far enough inland to act as a cloud conductor from over St. Annes. This virtue is accompanied by a consistent extra allowance of sunshine as compared with other towns. To be precise, the average duration of sunshine in St. Annes for 5 years was 1,567 hours per annum.”

It may sound very poetic, but there is some truth in the above statement. Only this weekend I greeted new guests who said how glad they were they had not come last week when they would have had their holiday spoilt by snow. Whilst they had been experiencing snow in Clitheroe, we had had a glorious week of sunshine, warm enough to encourage even me out onto the sand dunes!


Whilst we can’t guarantee the weather for your stay, the chances are you will see the sun smile on you during your stay. But whatever the weather, we can guarantee a warm welcome at Merlewood! So what are you waiting for? Get booking your break at sunny St. Annes by the Sea!